Friday, 31 May 2013

World Quizzing Championships

Tomorrow is the 2013 World Quizzing Championships which I have mentioned a few times on the site in the last month!

It was this time last year that I headed up to Edinburgh to take part in my first "serious" quiz so to speak and it was really the quiz that increased my determination to take part in the British Quizzing GP circuit.

Since then I have attended 6 GP's, joined the Quiz League, travelled around the country at various events and filmed an Episode of Eggheads. Its been a busy year!

The English leg of the event is in Masham, North Yorkshire and registration is still open. Head over  HERE for all the details. I know little about the venue as it is new to the circuit but I trust the BQA have chosen another good one! There is also an event at the fabulous Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh which is where I went for the WQC last year. In fact there are over a 100 venues across the globe taking part so its not too late to join in! I would certainly recommend it. All the information is on that site above.

I am hoping to do better than last year. Because of the global nature of the quiz I did much worse at the event last year than I have done at some GP's since and I imagine this year will be the same but as long as I beat my score from last year (preferably by at least 10 points) then at least its an upwards spiral!

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  1. I have a feeling I won't do well on it, but I'm about to take it in a few minutes, here in Cleveland, OH.