Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Set A

It was our team's turn to set in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League this week. The league, as I have mentioned before, is team based questions of up to six players. I will post Set A up today and Set B up in a few days. The set was just over 50% of my questions and with contributions from the team!

Round 1 - A

1.       In which city would you find Eden Park cricket ground?
Auckland, New Zealand
2.       Banco is the sequel to which book, made into an Oscar nominated film starring Steve McQueen in 1973 ?
3.       In 2002, which Secretary of Defence explained about "known knowns", "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns" in a speech referring to terrorism?
Donald Rumsfeld
4.       What is the name of BBC Radio 3’s flagship arts and ideas programme that is usually broadcast every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?
Night Waves


Round 2- A

1.       David Copperfield and Ali Bongo have been recent winners of the David Devant Award, named after the first President of which society?
The Magic Circle
2.       Which town in England which was designated a New Town in 1968,  was the first to field a candidate for the new Social Democratic Party in 1981, but lost to Labour?
3.       The collapse of the Republic of Biafra in 1970, effectively ended the civil war in which African Country?
4.       Who was elected Prime Minister in the year that 18 year olds were allowed to vote for the first time in Britain?
Edward Heath


Round 3 - A

1.       Which  musical film made in colour during the 1960s had the working title "Eight Arms to Hold You"?
Help!  (A Hard Day's Night was in black and white)
2.       Which brewery has beers called Iceberg, Steerage and Captain Smith's?
3.       The footballing term Route one is derived from which defunct TV quiz?
Quiz Ball
4.       Which international engineering company, the fourth largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the world, shares its name with the surname of a current SAFC defender?


Round 4 – A

1.       Welsh rugby player Clive Sullivan has a road named after him in which Northern city? 
(Kingston upon) HULL
2.       In 1970 which club defeated Celtic in the European Cup final and became the first club from their nation to win the trophy?
3.       Which thriller writer published a cook book aimed at men in the 1960s which contained the suggestion, popular with students, that a portion of liver could sustain you for a whole fortnight?
4.       The following is a definition of which Scientific term “A Substance that aids a chemical change in other substances, without itself changing.”?  


Round 5 - A

1.       A coffee shop near the headquarters of a haulage company outside Carlisle shares its name with which South Shields-born jazz saxophonist?
Kathy (or Cafe) STOBART
2.       The most northerly point on New Zealand’s South Island, what name is given to the headland in New Zealand which was named by James Cook in 1770 and named due to it being the last land seen as his crew began their homeward voyage?
3.       Which American blacksmith used steel from a Scottish saw to invent the first steel plough in 1842 and went on to found the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery? 
4.       Which current Hollywood film director founded Percy Main Productions with his brother? 
Ridley SCOTT (now called Scott Free Productions)


Round 6 - A

1.       Which island in the Indian Ocean has the highest population of any French island and sends five deputies to the National Assembly in Paris?
2.       Which present day capital city was the capital of Hungary from 1536 to 1784 because of the Ottoman occupation?
3.       Now the site of an airport, which former English racecourse staged the Grand National from 1916 to 1918 after Aintree was taken into use by the War Office ?
GATWICK Racecourse
4.       To which actress was Groucho Marx referring when he reportedly said “I knew her before she was a virgin”?
Doris DAY


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