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Buzzer Quiz Questions - Arts

The next set of Buzzer Quiz Questions as promised.....Arts this time...

1.       This novel was released in 1948. It has had two cinema adaptations in 1951 and 1995 and was also adapted into the 1949 musical “Lost in Stars”. It is set in a remote village in the Natal region of South Africa and tells the story of Stephen Kumalo, a 69 year old priest who attempts to find his family in Johannesburg. The 1951 film version starred Canada Lee in the main role, whilst the 1995 version featured James Earl Jones. Name this novel which is the most famous work of Alan Paton?

Cry the Beloved Country


2.       Celebrating his 80th Birthday in 2017, which seminal British artist was the subject of Jack Hazan’s 1974 Biopic film “A Bigger Splash”?


David Hockney


3.       In 1971, this individual became the 4th playwright of the 20th century to be knighted. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War 2 as a tail gunner which inspired his work “Flare Path”. Following the war, he alternated between comedies and dramas with works including “The Browning Version”, “Separate Tables”, “Deep Blue Sea” and “The Winslow Boy”. Name this playwright who shared a writing credit with Graham Greene on the 1947 film of Brighton Rock?

Terence Rattigan


4.       A  statue of this English poet wa unveiled at St Pancras station in 2007 whose works include “Mount Zion”, “Poems in the Porch” and “Summoned by the Bells”. Name this individual who was appointed as Poet Laureate in 1972 until his death in 1984?


John Betjeman


5.       This contemporary British Author shares her surname with a famous novelist from the Victorian era. Her novel “Parson Hardings Daughter” won the 1980 Romantic Novelist Association award for Novel of the year. She has written several historical novels under the name Caroline Harvey and in 2013 wrote the first novel in HarperCollins update of the Jane Austen canon, entitled “The Austen Club”. Other famous novels include “A Village Affair”, “A Spanish Lover” and “The Choir”, the latter of which was turned into 1995 BBC TV Series. Name this author who shares her name with the man most famous for writing “The Chronicles of Barsetshire”?

Joanne Trollope


6.       Which 1955 Graham Greene Novel depicts French and British Colonialism in Vietnam being uprooted  by the Americans in the 1950s and features the character Thomas Fowler who was played by Michael Caine in a 2002 film adaption of the work?


The Quiet American


7.       Painted between 1743 and 1745, which British artist is responsible for the series of 6 paintings, currently hung in the National Gallery, which serve as a warning of the consequences of an ill considered marriage culminating with the dying wife being tended to by a doctor entitled the title “Marriage a la mode”?

William Hogarth


8.       Premiering in 1900, this Opera is set in Rome and based on a play by Victorien Sardou which concerns the Kingdom of Naples control of the city being threatened by Napoleons invasion of Italy. Leading roles include Floria, Mario and Baron Scarpia. Name this famous opera by the composer Giacomo Puccini?




9.       Born in Genoa it 1937, name the architect and engineer who won the 1998 Pritzker Prize and is most known for buildings including the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York,  the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the Prompidou Centre?

Renzo Piano


10.    Which Russian Composer born in 1906 is the subject of Julian Barnes 2016 novel “The Noise of Time”?

Dmitri Shostakovich

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