Friday, 7 April 2017

Buzzer Quiz Questions - Low Brow

The next instalment.....Low Brow!

1.       In 1999, this singer’s debut album topped the UK album charts and in 2000 her autobiography Follow Your Dreams, was a best seller. She is also known for her work on TV which has included presenting a reality singing competition. She can currently be seen hosting shows on both Channel 5 and ITV, and shot to fame when a documentary show filmed her signing on “The Galaxy”. Name this woman, born in Yorkshire, who is currently one of the hosts of Loose Women and became an overnight star when she appeared on the Docusoap “The Cruise”?

Jane Mcdonald



2.       This character first appeared on TV in 1982 and reached number 4 in the UK Singles chart the year after. Following the cancellation of the TV show for which he was most known, he spent time working at Butlin’s in the 1990s but was back on TV screens in 2004 advertising Surf.  In 2005, he won Channel Five’s reality show “The Farm” which helped land him a role as co-auctioneer on Bid TV. Named after a pioneer of aviation, identify this character who attempted to broaden his audience in 2005 when he embarked on the X Rated “Duck Off” Tour?

Orville the Duck


3.       What five letter word links – the middle name of Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma, One of the Mister Men,  a town in Texas with the motto “The Town Without a Frown”, One of the Seven Dwarves and the title of the biggest selling song of 2014 by Pharrell Williams?



4.       Described by as “the band with the least street credibility in the world”, they first came to attention when they were selected to represent the UK at the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest where they placed 7th with the song “Mary Ann”.  Name this group who had such hits as “I am the Music Man”, “Superman” and “Agadoo”?


Black Lace



5.       In 2015, who deliberately gained and then lost 3 stone for a documentary entitled “My Fat Story” for the channel TLC, finished second in Celebrity Big Brother 2015 , criticised parents on This Morning who named their children after locations (despite having a child called India) and made her name on The Apprentice in 2006 when he famously rejected Alan Sugar’s offer of a place in the final?


Katie Hopkins



6.       Presented by Nev Schulman and sharing a name with a diverse group of ray-finned fish, which TV show focuses on people creating false identities online in the pursuit of romance?



7.       Whilst the majority are not actually based on his works, the video games Splinter Cell, Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon carry which authors name who is better known for works including The Sum of All Fears, Patriot Games and the Hunt for Red October?


Tom Clancy


8.       The lead character in the film Kung Fu Panda shares his name with which major world river?




9.       During its original run, which ITV entertainment show was presented both by a man who won two international caps for England in football and a man who won 65 international caps for England in Rugby Union?




10.   Said to be the late Queen Mother’s favourite newspaper, which British publication ran from 1859 until 1998 when it merged with the rival “The Racing Post”?


Sporting Life

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