Saturday, 23 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown - #6 - Premier SpeedQuizzing

Hope you are having a nice weekend and here is another online option for you with some information from Premier Speedquizzing.....

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--Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?--

I started running two quizzes a week, on a Saturday and a Monday evening. I found that most people didn't want that so reduced it to a Saturday only at 8pm. I have since introduced a Music Bingo night, incorporating mini gameshows on Mondays at 8 and a Gameshow night on Tuesdays at 8.

The gameshow night is currently called Quizzy Fortune, similar to family Fortunes but I am also developing other games including Catchphrase, Wheel Of Fortune, Letterbox and The Price Is Right.

--What is the current format?--

I use SpeedQuizzing for the quiz right now. I started running quizzes many years ago on pen and paper but found there was a lot of cheating and debating answers so about 15 years ago I removed myself from quizzing.
About 6 years ago I discovered SpeedQuizzing and it was like a revelation, the one thing I had been needing all those years. Fully researched questions reduce the risk of having any wrong or debatable answers and the interaction with quizzers brings it into its own. It also cuts out cheating completely, well almost.
I have also developed other side games and quiz rounds to enhance the already amazing product.

--How have you found adapting to hosting Online?--

I've been about a while and although I have no formal training on computers I am proficient in using them and troubleshooting.

When the lockdown came into place and my business was crippled because all venues closed suddenly I wasn't sure what to do. I read via the Facebook group that SpeedQuizzing were developing an online version of their quiz.

At first I thought this wouldn't go anywhere since the whole concept is about banter and direct contact with quizzers but I decided to give it a go.
To my surprise, the SQ team churned out a basic online quiz platform pretty quickly and they have developed it at a fast rate. It could well soon be as good as the pub version. This left my only concern to be how the internet would perform since SQ is all about fastest fingers etc.
I am seeing the real possibilities of what can be achieved and am continually striving to introduce new ideas and games to the mix. Keep it fresh and keep your gamers.

I use Zoom to present my quizzes and games. For me, even though I have heard a lot of issues, it has been incredibly stable. Using the SQ web software, OBS, XSplit Cam and Touch Portal I think I have a great product which is improving every day.

--Where and when are normal quiz nights held?--

I have quizzed at a number of different venues in and around Edinburgh. Generally in the evenings at about 8pm. My main venue is The Cuddie Brae at Newcraighall, every Thursday, where I regularly have about 50 quizzers join me. I also Quiz at The Old Colliery near Danderhall and The Coalgate in Ormiston. All of these venues are currently on hold because of the lockdown but I hope to get them all up and running as soon as I am allowed to do so.

--How can people get in touch if they want to know more?--

I can be contacted in the following ways - By phone 07967 695 284. By email
Website Facebook

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