Thursday, 21 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #4 - Pub Quiz Chester

The next in the series looks at quizzes being ran by 'Pub Quiz Chester', which again are using the superb SpeedQuizzing Live format and take place twice weekly. Simon, the host, tells us more about these quizzes below....

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Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
We're live on Zoom at 8pm on Thursdays and Sundays.

What is the current format?
The current format is using the Speedquizzing Live App for submitting
the answers within a 10 second time limit. We have three rounds of
twenty general knowledge questions, an observation round and a music
round (proper music knowledge, not just recognising tracks / artists
etc). At the end of the official quiz, after we've given out the prizes
(Just Eat vouchers etc) we have a late night lock-in with a few bonus

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
It was important that the online version was as close to the quiz in the
venues as possible. Everything from the incidental music, the lighting,
the styling and the timings of breaks has been carefully recreated. We
steered clear of vouchers etc in the physical version of the quiz,
giving winners something tangible that they can handle instead, anything
from cash for the main prizes to boxes of Chocolate Fingers for spot
prizes throughout the night. In the online version, we send out
takeaways and Cadbury Twirls (their packs are 7mm thinner and therefore
cheaper to post). We're at the mercy of the tech, which in fairness to
the developers who have done their best in a very short space of time,
so there's a backup system in place for when things get a bit hairy that
are outside of my control. For example, when Zoom wobbled recently (the
Downing Street briefings were affected), we had our Youtube Channel
ready to go instead.

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
Thursdays at the Acorn in Bebington / Bromborough and Sundays at The
Wheatsheaf in Upton, Chester.

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
Everything you need to know is on our website,
or do a search on Facebook for Pub Quiz Chester or Pub Quiz Wirral.

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