Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown - #3 - King of the Castle Entertainment

The series continues with a look at King of the Castle Entertainments....

Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
Friday night general knowledge 8-30pm Free to play but tips to the host much appreciated 
Wednesday night theme night 8-30pm this week Harry Potter £5 to play for theme night.

What is the current format?
The current format is generally 4 rounds and we try to include an observation round where we can. 
Friday nights include a music round to within the 4 rounds. 
We are looking at including a wheel/wall of doom to our Friday night quizzes I haven’t decided yet. Which on certain questions people will have then option to steal points lose points or win points. 

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
I’m online quite a bit so that’s nothing new but the first time hosting online was a bit daunting as you are used to having people talk back to you on a pub and it’s not quite the same online! Nothing beats hosting in a pub but they have done a damn good job at getting the software online where it is today! 

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
I do a lot of cover work for hosts aswell well as regular Tuesday nights for another. My own quizzes that I run is a fortnightly themed at revolution Cambridge on a Wednesday and then one of theme quizzes in St Neots 

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
People can get in touch Via Facebook page at or ticket page 

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