Monday, 25 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #8 - Wayne Shapiro - Trivia Madness

The next in our Quizzing in Lockdown series comes from Down Under with a post from Wayne Shapiro from Trivia Madness.....

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I started running online quizzes for family and friends on a Sunday night, but have transferred to running online quizzes for companies whose staff are working from home. It has been extremely successful with 38 bookings for May alone, sometimes running 4 in a day!!


The format I am using is whatever video platform is used by the client. The best is Zoom, but I have also used Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meets and GoTo Webinar. The attendees go on to the video platform to watch mem but the quiz is run using the website I write my quizzes on there, multiple choice and timed. It works really smooth for what I need it for. The quiz runs for about 35-40 minutes.


Adapting wasn’t too hard, but certainly helped when I was recommended to the website I now use. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of interaction with my pub quizzers, but from a financial standpoint, it is better for me to do what I am doing. I have a very strong list of clients now and at least 50% of my clients are new ones, so 2021 hopefully will be a great year.


My normal quiz nights in Sydney were Tuesday nights at the Royal Hotel in Paddington. I also had staff running quizzes at 3 venues on Wednesday nights.


YouTube Corporate Video:


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