Sunday, 24 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #7 - CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz

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Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz runs every Saturday night, we go live at 8pm on Youtube Livestream.

What is the current format?
We have 6 rounds of different themes, each with 5 questions. Participants submit their answers to the quiz via an online survey, which is sent out during the stream. We then use that survey to check your answers at the end. There are also extra quiz point available:
- Caption the image (best image caption for the weeks photo get's an extra quiz point)
- Recreate the image (best recreation of the week's photo wins an extra quiz point)
- Higher or lower (we have a giant set of playing cards and play higher or lower live, we pick a team at random and they send their decisions via social media)
Generally people can send their shoutouts on social media and we feature them live on the stream. All in all it's a great experience for all involved.

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
Hosting online actually has a lot of benefits if you know how to work streaming software. It's fun to integrate videos and images into the feed. We've had some good music rounds which work well via a livestream. If you have a webcam, there are a lot more eyes on you than a standard pub quiz. With a stream, you aren't limited to the size of a venue, there is no limit to the number of people who can join in.

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
I don't actually host a pub quiz outside of quarantine. CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz started as something to do with a few of my friends and has kind of snowballed through word of mouth. I love how the people joining in engage with everything, and it's a lot of fun to host.

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
Contact us via our social media profiles:
- Instagram / @CapsQuiz
- Twitter / @capcaud
- Facebook / CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz

You can see all of our previous episodes on our youtube channel:

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