Saturday, 18 May 2013

Light Speed Quiz event - Newcastle 26th May 2013

Taken directly from the Lightspeed Quizzing site (a new organisation launching monthly buzzer quizzers around the country). Check out Lightspeed quiz on Youtube to see videos of the last two events

Here is the blurb taken from the site

Light Speed Individual Open Buzzer Quiz: 26th May 2013

Next Event: The Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne

On Sunday 26th May the third event of the 2013 series will be at
The Head of Steam, 2 Neville Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5EN
There will be quizzing from one in the afternoon to six in the evening. I'm dead excited 'cos Chris, The boss, is a quizzer and is proper up for it. I can't wait to meet Daniel Fullard, who has the best quiz blog on the web, plus all me old marrers from the Sunderland Quiz League.
There are more trains here than you can shake a stick at, even on Sundays
Pub phone number: 01912 304 236 * My phone number: 07859 403 790


£5 to enter in advance £10 on the day All monies into prize kitty


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