Friday, 31 May 2013

First Taste of Buzzer Quizzing

Last Sunday Afternoon, I attended my first buzzer quiz at the Lightspeed Event in Newcastle. I had been eager to try buzzer quizzing for some time but very few opportunities have arisen in my local area so I jumped at the chance of attending this event. A few quizzing friends attended too in what turned out to be a good little venue (Head of Steam opposite Central Station for those that are local).

I suddenly realised how different a discipline Buzzer quizzing is but also how darn right enjoyable it is!

I had not quite gathered how sharp you actually need to be here. There were numerous times were I knew an answer, hesitated for a split second or waited for an extra word to confirm my suspicion, and buzz.....someone else jumped in. There was also the odd case where I buzzed hoping that in the second between buzzing and having to give an answer it would fly into my head.

If I was to reflect on how I actually played I would have to say that simply I was not fast enough. The consolation is the fact that I did quite a lot of the questions but was just beaten to it on numerous occasions. I believe there will be some videos posted at some point, so even though my performance on paper was poor, when you see the performance of the others you will realise how tough it was! That did not take away from the fun though and I certainly am keen to Buzzer Quiz again!

There will be some videos up later in the week I hope!

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  1. All the films are up now, I'll put a link to the playlist here. I reckon you summarised just about right. I certainly loved the company, and can't wait to see yo get a couple of scalps as you certainly will. Half the art is doing that "Buzz first, answer later" thing. Once everyone does it games start going backwards, then the strategy changes!