Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rolleston GP

It was off to Rolleston this week for the latest Grand Prix monthly meeting of the British Quiz Association. It was another excellent turnout and as usual the standard of quizzing was very high. I managed to rack in my highest ever score in both the overall total and the individual round. Proof that my strict revision/learning routine is working!!!

I would have secured my first ever medal if it was not for not knowing about Harry Potter. This has been a constant blind spot of mine ever since I started quizzing and I have ignored my own advice several times by not swotting up on the subject. 

Overall all thought that is 6 events I have attended in a row now and I am still thoroughly enjoying it. Anyone interested in taking part have a look at http://www.quizzing.co.uk. Its a very welcoming and friendly community and attending these events has improved my quizzing immensely!

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