Friday, 31 May 2013

York Quiz Challenge (Sunderland vs York)

Every year players from the Sunderland Quiz League and the York Quiz League seemingly meet in an inter-league contest of sorts. This has been my first year in the league so this was my first year at York. We headed down to York on Wednesday night for the event and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable quizzes I have ever been to!

(I am three from the right!)

The format was something I am not very used to. Individual questions! A few years ago this would have put me right off but this time around I was quite looking forward to it. The quiz worked with two teams of 4 competing. Each player got 4 questions each in turn and had to answer individually on the microphone. A correct answer scored two, an incorrect answer would allow the team to have a chance for one. Each match pitted a Sunderland team against a York Team and at the end of 4 games the highest scoring team from each league would go head to head.

I was hoping to see a few games before my turn was up but I happened to be in the first game! In my four questions I got one wrong that not many people knew (a Scottish Dance that I have forgotten the name of already) and followed it up by getting a Chestnut wrong regarding the first stretch of UK Motorway. As someone said to me afterwards a) its only a chestnut if you have heard it before and b) Ill never forget Preston now!

The final two questions saw me miss one I knew which I was very disappointed about (author of Tarzan). I must have answered it a dozen times watching tv, in pub quizzes and flicking through quiz books but in the 30 seconds on the stage it just wouldn't come. I managed to contribute something to the team with an answer on the Wizard of Oz and got a few on passover. We didn't make the final but I really enjoyed watching the other games.

Given the average age was, sorry fellas, closer to triple my own I was surprised at the amount of pop culture questions. In some other seats in other games I would have managed a few full houses but I am not complaining as I loved the whole event.

Looking forward to next year and my opinion has certainly changed regarding the use of individual questions...I think I have moved from not wanting them to be part of the league I play in to perhaps wanting a round or two!

Congratulations to the winning York team and I look forward to the return match next year!

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