Thursday, 9 May 2013

Book Suggestion - Penguin TV Companion

For some time I knew that I needed to improve my TV knowledge. I am not a massive TV viewer and tend to miss out on a lot of questions I should be lapping up. So recently I treated myself to The Penguin TV Companion Fourth Edition which is put together by Jeff Evans it has proved invaluable already.

This is a fine reference book and easily one of the best on TV I have seen, in fact it is the best. Its presented in an A-Z way with key shows being given full cast lists, interesting trivia, air dates, number of episodes and so much information quizzers will love it. Other entries include profiles of major actors, producers and influential figures, tv network information and bits of TV history. Its all here. I know its an old cliche but this book is very hard to put down.

I would say no matter what your level of TV knowledge this is an essential book on an quizzers self and anyone setting quizzers will find plenty too! There is a lot of coverage of major US shows which seems to becoming more important in a lot of quizzes so that has boosted me a lot!

Here is a link to check out the book on Amazon -

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