Friday, 25 October 2013

My Day Filming Eggheads...Part 1

After just over 8 months the episode of Eggheads we filmed way back in March will air on Friday 1st November on BBC 2. One of my big ambitions this year was to appear on a TV Quiz Show and Eggheads marks my TV debut. The whole process was rather fast from the audition to heading up to Glasgow to film but it was a very enjoyable day all round. I will post another blog entry up after the show.

12 Yard had booked us on an early train from Sunderland up to Glasgow with very little time on the change over at Edinburgh so the trip up to the studio was a little rushed. We did though manage to sort out on the train who was doing what subject. Sport was my strong point and I would have fancied my chances against any of the Eggheads on that subject, but we had to play as a team so I settled on Arts and Books and Geography. Our game plan was to divide the subjects between us and then it was a matter of luck as to who got chance to take an Egghead on one-on-one. I think if we realised how much money was possibly at stake we may have played differently but the stage was set and we arrived at the studio on good time!

12 Yard were fantastic to use all day! I was half expecting to see some other teams competing but we were taken to the green room straight away and given our instructions. We pretty much had the whole room to ourselves with some snacks laid on and an "intimidating" lists of the Eggheads achievements. We were told who the 5 Eggheads would be, wardrobe came in and decided which of our 5 shirts they wanted us to wear and we were given some time to relax. It seemed as if two "runners" (is that the term?) were assigned to look after us all day and make us feel at ease. From the minute we arrived to the moment we left they ensured we have a hassle free day.

"You're very pale"....Gee, Thanks! It was soon into make-up, a first for me, and long after everyone had finished I was still in the chair getting all sorts of bronzer and such like on as, I kept getting reminded by the make up artists, I was very pale skinned. And then without further a do it was into the studio...

It was a little surreal walking into a TV studio for a show I have been a fan of for much of its ten years on air. It was a little smaller than I imagined but much wider if that makes sense. The distance between contestants and Eggheads is, as you can see from the picture above, further than appears on TV. We got seated and settled in, our faithful "runners" making sure everything was fine. Then it was time to film the introductions which is done without the presenter or Eggheads in the studio.

After the introductions were over and done with, it was time to meet Jeremy Vine. He came and introduced himself to the team before the arrival of the Eggheads. It was of course my first experience of Television but Jeremy Vine was a true pro, giving us a genuine greeting, taking time to talk to us throughout the recording about our jobs and interests and made time to talk to us about the game at the end of recording.

Following this was the arrival of the Eggheads who greeted us before taking their seats. I had met a few of the Eggheads before as they attend the GP events I often attend and it was a nice touch that Barry recognised me from this. After the recording the Eggheads came back over and had a good chat with us before our time was up. All very friendly and genuine which made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

We had an excellent day in Glasgow filming our episode and I will post further comment on the actual quiz contest next week after it has aired!

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