Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Only Connect Audition

It was off to Manchester on Saturday for my third TV/Radio audition of the year....this time Only Connect. It has all happened rather quickly, after struggling to find anyone else interested I remember putting a comment on a facebook thread sometime ago and low and behold someone got in touch and a team was formed. It seemed to go very quickly for filling out the form to audition stage.

The audition was pretty straight forward in terms of style. I had spent the day before thinking of as many "interesting" facts about myself ready for that dreaded questions but we simply had a relaxed chat about our TV experience and history and went straight into a game. The team had a laptop set up and a bell as they watched us play a version of the game with all rounds included. My team mates were very strong indeed her and were throwing out answer after answer and all seemed to go well. The wall was slightly different, this time being paper based and no indication of right and wrong. Still we managed it and before we knew it the audition was over.

So ....fingers crossed!

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