Monday, 7 October 2013

Quiz Review - Sports Quiz - Fitzgeralds, Sunderland - Wednesday 9pm

Usually Wednesday Nights is taken up with the Sunderland Echo Quiz League, but with a free week last week I headed down to Fitzgerald's for the new Wednesday night Sports Quiz. The pub itself is my usual Thursday night quiz venue and is located in the heart of Sunderland City Centre serving a fine selection of real ale.

The quiz kicks off at 9pm and consists of 4 rounds. Pictures, Current Sporting Affairs, General Sport, Football. Throw in a tie breaker at the end of every round (think nearest the pin type questions) and there is plenty to be getting stuck in with. Each round is handed in after completion, which I always prefer and there were half a dozen teams on hand in what is only the third week of the quiz (so not too bad at all).

The picture round was 12 sporting figures to identify. A nice number as I often find some quizzes give way too many pictures which always a) benefits the bigger teams and b) can turn the whole quiz around. The second round is 10 current affairs questions on sporting events of the week. Far from being a boring recap of the papers there were some fun questions in here, some cleverly worded ones and a nice spread of sport. 

Round 3 involved 15 questions on general sports (except football) which was nice and balanced and varied. The quiz rounded off with 15 questions on football and again a nice range of eras and styles of questions.

In all this was a very enjoyable quiz evening and I always like a themed quiz. In fact this may be the first Sports Quiz I have been too but I do miss the themed Music quizzes that seemed to be common place around here but disappeared.

If this were a different night I would certainly be attending every week but as it happens due to the league clash I will be able only to attend on weeks off. Never the less a great sports quiz, in a great pub.....check it out!


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