Sunday, 13 October 2013

Quiz League Semi Final

The Gown Scott Memorial Trophy has been taking place in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League over the last few months and I posted a league table up earlier in the month, pleased that we had qualified for the Semi Final. This is the "knockout" curtain raiser before the new season starts in full towards the beginning of November.

Hastings Hill has beaten us in the previous weeks and had finished second in the league so perhaps we were the underdogs going into the contest. It was a very tight game, nip and tuck either way. A strong round from us early on however gave us a four point lead that we managed to keep onto. Indeed, Hastings Hill managed to, I think, win all the last three rounds by a single point but it was not quite enough as we won 38-37. 

Some key points in the quiz included the question...

On October 6th 2013, Keith Bristow became the first head of which organisation?

Hastings Hill spent some time mulling over the answer, they seemed to know it was National Crime xxxx but couldn't work out what the xxxx was. Going for National Crime Union allowed us to sneak in with a valuable bonus point for National Crime Agency.

The Sunderland Quiz League is team based questions and everybody chipped in with a range of points. I will try and post the questions up here (after seeking permission from the setter) but there were several I had no clue with but was happy with knowing where the River Douglas was (Its a boys name....was the path to recalling it) and I don't know how I know Bruno Mars hailed from Hawaii but I did.

So that means now we have a Final against Penshaw (the Man United of our league) on the 23rd October.

If anyone is local to Sunderland and is considering joining the league then the Finals night might be a good idea to come down and mix with players, see a game being played and get the idea of what it is all about. If anyone is interested perhaps send me an email to and I will pass your info onto to the League Chairman.

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