Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Quiz Questions

You may have seen many of the places listed below on airport departure boards across the country as they are the locations served by low cost airlines. But do you know where they are? For each town or city, identify the country in which it lies...

1. Brno
2. Tampere
3. Bourgas
4. Paderbon
5. Poprad
6. Szczecin
7. Haugesund
8. Rijeka

Before I give you the answers to the above, it is probably worth mentioning that most of the ideas came from Tom Chessyre's excellent "How Low Can You Go?" book in which he visits the above places and tells the tales of the history and people currently living in these locations opened up by low-cost airlines.  Very much worth reading....just like all the books Chessyre writes (The Times Travel Writer)

Quiz Question Answers

1. Czech Republic
2. Finland
3. Bulgaria
4. Paderbon
5. Slovakia
6. Poland
7. Norway
8. Croatia

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