Friday, 5 December 2014

Top 10 Most Useful Reference Books 2014 #4

History Year by Year and Science Year by Year

Yes so I am cheating a little bit here......

You may indeed have seen these titles in the likes of The Works over the last 12 months which is where I picked them up. Published by DK, who can always be relied upon to produce quality reference works, these titles cover the broad subjects of History and Science in hardback, A4 tomes of information packed with facts, pictures and timelines. The scale and depth of the books are indeed great.

The History title I used mainly for revision with History being a strong subject of mine. Having bought many books with the title "World History" or such similar, this DK title has made many of them redundant and for dates, names and ideas, this is the book I now turn to.

Science is a weaker subject for me, and although the DK book itself has been immensely useful, it served as a good primer for further reading and research and along with Science 1001 (see below) it has increased my knowledge greatly in an area I have always struggled.

Another little cheat...

This title has also greatly helped in my quest to improve my Science knowledge. A vital and impressive title that is worthy of a place on any book shelf!

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