Thursday, 11 December 2014


For those of you who play QuizUp already, you will be fully aware of how in the last 12 months this has provided quizzes all over the globe with a daily fix of head to head quizzing action over a smartphone. I mentioned the app briefly earlier in the year, but it has since become such a regular feature of my commutes and spare moments I tend to forget to mention it on here.

I know some of you play this, as I compete against you on a regular basis, but for those who don't it is really worth hunting down. It is free of course and has a bank that must be bordering on a million questions at least spread over a superb range of categories. Some are very niche but once you start to work out which categories suit you, you will find yourself hooked!

The questions are a good level, the game always flows smoothly and above all else it is easy and fun to use!

I hope the game goes from strength to strength. So many quiz apps come and go and never get the support or Fanbase quiz up has achieved so it will be fascinating to see what happens with this app over the course of the next year as it is, probably fair to say, the first of its kind to reach such a huge audience and achieve such high levels of success.

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