Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Top 10 Most Useful Quiz Books 2014 # 1


The Only Quiz Book You Will Ever Need

Many of you will have heard of The Only Quiz Book You Will Ever Need and given that it is produced by the British National Quiz Team, composed of Eggheads and top ranking quizzers alike, it's something of a unique title on the market.

The book ranges from general questions, to subject based questions and veers into more testing questions towards the end of the book aimed at testing even the most able quizzer. There is no filler, all the questions are quite obviously lovingly crafted and in essence you have here a book full of information and enjoyment for quizzers of all levels.

I actually have the Kindle version of this and it works wonders with answers on the following page and book layout!

Not only one of the best quiz books of the year, but one of the best quiz books I have came across.

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