Monday, 15 December 2014


I forget how I actually came across Superbuzzer, but ever since doing so I have been partial to the odd game....a bit of an understatement.

The game involves you playing online against 5 other opponents from across the world across facebook or the app on smartphones and tablets. It runs superbly and it is well supported so you are never waiting long for a game. Rather than multiple choice, which is used by 99% of all apps, this game involves typing in an answer and rather smartly, they don't measure typing speed. You basically buzz and have a few seconds to type your answer meaning even if youre a slow typer its the buzz that counts!

The game has three rounds with 2 players eliminated in each until the final head and head and with various levels of difficulty, open only at certain times and with access only if you have played well in other games, it has a real longevity to it that some apps lack. Its addictive, fun and although there is the odd dodgy and rather random question thrown in (with an American bias too) Superbuzzer has kept me entertained a lot this year and I hope it keeps going from strength to strength. 

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