Thursday, 11 July 2019

Congratulations to Andy Tucker - 15 to 1 Champion - Final Reflections....

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I have left this a few days in case anyone is avoiding spoilers....but a massive congratulations to Andy Tucker who last week was crowned as the latest 15 to 1 champion defeating another well known quizzer, Barbara Thompson, in a great final. Andy is one of the nicest men in quiz and it was great to see him take victory!
As you may have read earlier in the month, this was also the Fifteen to One series I was part of. Started out as a disaster, managed to get a lucky run to the final three of one episode and the only time in the 4 episodes I did myself justice was the Final 3 showdown in my third heat.
Looking around at the quality of quizzers on show, I was privileged to be in the final itself. Many quizzers, far far better than me on a normal day, have tried and failed to make the Grand Final and it was nice to be able to take part. The first question was a ridiculous one for me to get wrong and after that my confidence was back at zero. My main aim was to get into Round 2, but alas it didn't happen and I was on the first train back.
I felt exactly the same in my first go of Brain of Britain, where the mental block comes and suddenly the years of quizzing evaporates and I feel like its my first time all over again....
...Maybe one day Ill get on TV and make a good account of myself.
Regardless of that, I would encourage anyone to apply if they do another series as the team behind the scenes is superb and its a fun quiz format to play!

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