Thursday, 4 July 2019

Podcast Suggestion: 30 for 30

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Any sports fans reading, or indeed fans of well made documentaries, will probably already be aware of ESPN's fantastic 30 for 30 series that airs on TV. To my delight, I discovered recently that there is also a podcast series to accompany it! New stories taking a look at famous sporting stories. Each episode lasts about an hour, and regardless of your interest in the particular sport or issues being discussed, you will soon be hooked!
Essential listening for sports fans, and plenty of useful quizzing material to get stuck into!


  1. It should be pointed out to your readers that unless there's a British version of 30 for 30, almost every episode is about an American sport.

    1. Fair point! Probably not a great deal of use in your standard pub quiz. But almost finished the final one and have enjoyed every episode on its own merits thus far!

      Any other sports podcasts you would suggest to me? Need a new one!

  2. ….but still a great podcast!