Thursday, 25 July 2019

Quizzers Starter Pack #6

Quizzers Starter Pack #6
The TV Companion

Into the latter half now of the Quizzers Starter Pack, but by no means the lesser half. Number 6 on the list, is another weighty reference guide, and this time its all about the world of Television. In almost every pub quiz you do, every major quiz, every tv show and any time you are faced with Trivia you can be assured that the subject of Television will come up. And of all the books I have thus far on the subject, this has been the most useful. Presented in an A-Z format covering a wide range of UK and US TV it cover thousands of shows with all the vital cast and crew information as well as key facts. Its good to read and easy to flick through and as a question setter and quiz player has proven its use time and time again!
Honourable mention here to 1001 TV Series to see before you die, which is written in a superbly entertaining manner and it s tad more up to date.

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