Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Quizzers Starter Pack #5

Quizzers Starter Pack #5
Science 1001

The Quizzers Starter Pack now moves onto Science. A subject which comes in time and time again, in all manner of quizzes and covering a wide breath of subjects. I have always struggled with Science as a whole dating back to my school days. Hence, it has taken a lot of work and time to get my knowledge up....and this book has been vital!
Whilst a knowledge of the periodic table is essential, it is only going to get you so far. And even knowing the history of famous discoveries and famous names from the world of Science may not even cover all basis. This book covers it all....the vital terms, theories, ideas and principles you hear at all manner of quizzes in a  perfectly digestable format. I cannot see how a book covering the subjects that are covered here, could be covered in a better manner.
I know a lot of top quizzers speak very highly of this book, and once you get your hands on a copy, it is very easy to see why!

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