Sunday, 21 July 2019

Quizzers Starter Pack #4

Quizzers Starter Pack #4
The A-Z of Britain and Ireland
 (Trevor Montague)

I mentioned on the second edition in the Quizzers Starter Pack, that you would read the words Trevor Montague again before the series was over....and here it is. Now I have suggested some general reference works to get your collection going, the next few suggestions will be more focused on specific areas of knowledge.
And I am going to start with one that comes up time and time again....The United Kingdom!
This is one key area I have struggled with big time over the years and that is British Geography. That was remedied by this book. What we have here is a book that takes each county of the UK and Ireland, in an A-z Format and provides you with pages and pages of facts about the history, famous people, famous landmarks, famous local myths....everything you could need and more.
When you first pick up this tome of knowledge you rightly may be intimidated by its volume, pages and sheer about of content.....but I took it a week per county and it gave me more than enough time to digest, explore and learn.
There is no other books really like it on the market and that is why it deserves its place here, and a place on any quizzers book shelf!

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