Friday, 30 November 2012

British Open Quizzing Grand Prix

One of my main ambitions for next year was going to be start to regularly attend the monthly quizzing Grand Prix's ran by the British Quizzing Association. I thoroughly enjoyed the World Quiz Championships and having purchased the questions used at the GP's for a few months now I am keen to take part properly. A few weeks ago however the opportunity to attend tomorrows British Quizzing Open in Rolleston, Burton arose (thanks to the kind offer of a lift to and from the event). 

I am very much looking forward to the event and with both a individual and team quiz to enjoy as well as the chance to meet fellow quizzers it should be an entertaining day. The finishing position is not too important to me at this stage and I know I will be within the bottom few places but its an ideal chance to test myself. I usually do the questions at home in the given time limit etc and compare my score to others through the results on the website and hence I have set myself a little score target I would be happy with. Either way it will be good to meet new people and the team quizzes are something I always enjoy.

Either way I hope to make this the start of regular attendance at these events and I might even meet some players who take the time to read the blog!

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