Friday, 23 November 2012

Quiz League and Question Setting

My second week in the Quiz League saw my first away game as I headed down to a nice little pub - The Prior, Doxford Park (formerly the Colonel Prior and having recently been done out it looks very nice indeed).

It was a very close game indeed with two equally matched teams and for much of the contest we (Museum Vaults) were leading by one or two points. I was able to chip in with plenty of answers on Christmas Number 1's, Strictly Come Dancing (something I never watch) and the magazine that revealed Kate Middleton's photos (shows my level really haha!). I knew plenty more which I was pleased about but again though failing to mention an answer in my head (Britannia as the silver used after Sterling for coins) cost us a point.

A collective error was also made, and as well as learning new information I am learning more about working out answers from information given. The question arose, England beat which nation 48-4 in a Rugby International last Sunday?. Straight away Fiji came to mind. The team were confident, we all said the answers....wrong. We all knew at Ruby Union England had beaten Fiji that weekend. The day did not even come into our thinking but that was no the giveway. The giveway being of course the score! You cant get 4 points in Rugby Union! A lesson learned.

In the end those points didn't matter (phew!) and we recorded our first win of the season 35-30. More importantly I enjoyed the entire evening again, learned a great deal of new information (Cleveland Browns being the only NFL team without a logo on their helmet folks!) and had some good company. Roll on next week.

Speaking of next week, it is our turn to set the questions. With the league having an odd amount of teams each week one team takes it in turn to write a set. Each player has submitted a number of questions each and two of the team are putting together a set based on those. I actually found more enjoyment than I would expect on here. Being that I am just getting into the league I will miss not playing next week, but the question setting side of things is an added bonus. So keen am I to see the questions I set in play, I am heading down to a match next week just to observe.

Once the league matches are through on Wednesday I will post up the questions I submitted on here,

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