Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top 5 Quiz Books 2012 - #1 Pub League Quiz Book

And so we get to the final book in my list of the quiz books I have used most this year....


The Bumper Pub League Quiz Book is chocked full of questions of "quiz league" standard meaning they are tougher than a lot of the usual pub-quiz style question books out there.

Each set of questions contains sets for a Team A and Team B with individual rounds and a "drinks round" so what you get is a unique format. it also gives you some idea, if you are considering entering a league, of the style of questions and formats you may face.

This is a bumper edition so you get great value for money with all the various quizzes within and it will test every corner of your knowledge. There are no old chestnuts, no repetition and no filler, just a range of top quality quiz questions.

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