Sunday, 11 November 2012

Top 10 Most Useful Reference Books 2012 #9 TV Companion

To continue with my series of the reference books I have found most useful this year I move onto to a title which I received as a gift last Xmas and have hardly put down since...


The Penguin TV Companion is a rarity on this list as it is the only title which covers a "narrow" field. Obviously, TV is by no means a narrow quizzing area but the other reference works I will be including are much more wide ranging, covering a vast array of subjects.

This title is a treasure trove of information on TV shows from throughout history containing cast lists, characters, air dates and brief summaries or each show. Each page is packed with TV Trivia and entries are not just limited to TV shows as you will read all about major TV Actors, brands and stations. Knowing this book inside out would ensure your future TV rounds are fruitful!

It is essentially, to use a cliche, on of those books you will dip into for one piece of information and will emerge some hours later with a brain full of new facts. It also comes in handy for setting too. Well written, well presented and for me an essential book this year!

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