Friday, 16 November 2012

Mastermind 2012/2013 - Heat 13

Mastermind 2012/2013 - Heat 13

We are now into the second half of heats for this years series of Mastermind and after a slow start we have started to see plenty of contenders arise. Interestingly prior to tonight's show it was still the winner of episode 1 who held the highest score so far...

Anyway, tonight in the black chair were....

Peter Wharmby
Thomas Grinyer
Colin Wilson
Rachael Neiman

Peter Wharmby kicked us off with the subject on the Titanic. He made a cracking start, looking very comfortable in the chair and answering well. My own Wiki challenge on this subject had keep me very engaged as I felt myself scoring much higher than usual. I was no where near the very impressive 14 points gained by Peter who put himself in a great position to win but over the moon I managed 8 on a subject I knew little about before this week.

Thomas Grinyer appeared on University Challenge last year if you thought he looked familiar and he is active on the UK Quiz scene. He took on the American Revolutionary War. Things started well but an odd event in which Thomas answered "Jane...", Humphreys took a while to prompt for a surname and for a few seconds there seemed to be confusion. Thankfully it did not slow the round down too much but it seemed a very tough set, its a subject I thought I was comfortable with but suffice to say the solid 8 from Thomas was far more than I could manage.

Colin Wilson had the interesting subject of East German Athletics and as with a lot of sports categories I was surprised at some of the information that I have stored without realising. The Wiki reading did not help me much here as I think the 6 I got I would have got anyway. Colin coped well with everything thrown at him with fast answers. 13 scored!

Finally we had Rachael Neiman on the subject of John Peel's festive fifties. Rachael has appeared on University Challenge, she may have been on a winning team but I am not too sure. She stormed off into  rapid answering on a subject I imagine was rather hard to revise and learn to the extent needed to score well here. And score well Rachael did with a fantastic 14 to tie with Peter Wharmby for the lead.

After the SS round the standings were as follows

Peter Wharmby - 14
Rachael Neiman - 14
Colin Wilson - 13
Thomas Grinyer - 8

So, into the GK round and Thomas Grinyer started us off. The scoring started fast as Thomas racked points on the board but slowed down towards the middle. Still, some fantastic knowledge was shown throughout the round and he seemed to cope better with the harder questions than the "gimmies" which took him to a very respectable 23 (would have won two heats this series. Setting a marker for the rest....

Colin Wilson needed a high double figure score here to put pressure on the others. Again as in the first round Colin racked in with fast answers and the score kept on ticking up. Colin got to 23 then a spate of wrong answers seemed to throw him off the round and he tied with Thomas on 23.

Peter Wharmby needed 10 to take the lead. After missing  a few gimmies at the start Peter got going into his round and soon began to move towards the 24 he needed. Indeed this was soon reached with a string of correct answers and Peter began to build on his lead moving onto 27. A good target to set indeed!

Rachael Neiman was next and started well moving to 20 within no time. Few points were being dropped anywhere and Rachael not only then became the third person to reach 30 this series but indeed her 33 was the highest score of the series so far. A serious contender has emerged and given the range of knowledge shown here no one will want to face Rachael in the next round. Great stuff!

Hence the final scores tonight on Mastermind were...

Rachael Neiman - 33

Peter Wharmby - 27
Colin Wilson - 23
Thomas Grinyer - 23

Peter Wharmby  also for now is one of the 6 highest scoring running ups with 11 heats to go.

And adding those the the overall table of this series we have...

Rachael Neiman - 33
Gregory Spiller - 32
Kathryn Palmer - 31
Christine Plume - 29

Jonathan Gordon - 29
Michael Wright - 29

Mark Grant - 28
Sian West - 26
Shahab Mossavat - 26
Matthew Bradshaw -26
Aidan Mccquade - 24

John Chadwick - 23
Mark Roberts - 20

Highest Scoring Runners Up
Chris Cann – 29
John Wheeler – 29
Helen Marshall - 28
Paul Whittaker - 27
Chris Quinn - 27
Peter Wharmby - 27

Nathan Joss – 26 
lan Sharp - 26
Mike Foden - 26
Bart Smith - 25
Andrew Hunt - 25
Nina Fetherston - 25

Philip Walters - 25
Julie Green - 25
Andrew Granath - 24
Alan Wharmby - 24
Rosalind Winter - 24
Laurie Handcock – 24
 Kevin Baker - 24 
Thomas Grinyer - 23
Colin Wilson - 23
Roland Mcfall – 23
Hazel Humprheys - 22
Chris Kirk - 22
Les Wallace - 22
Graeme Marley -22
 Ian Copping - 22
Alan Haddick - 21 
James Jack -20
Kathy Richards - 19
Brian O Donnell - 19
Nick Mazonowicz - 19
Sarah Le Fevre - 19
Jackie Phillips - 19
Mathhew Clarke - 18
Nathan Scott – 18

Xavier Woodward - 18
Nick Gunatilleke - 17
Barbara Bell - 15


  1. I also got 8 on Thomas's subject, although I got the Bonhomme Richard and the Swamp Fox and didn't get Jamaica or Lord North. I got the other six that he did.

  2. Rachael was on the 2009-10 series of University Challenge where Manchester were beaten by Alex Guttenplan and Emmanuel College, Cambridge in the semi-final after two classic quarter final matches.