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Brain of Britain 2013 - Round 1 - Match 12

Brain of Britain - Round 1 - Match 12

The final first round heat in the 2013 series, which has flown over, involved the following contestants -

Phil Beckett
John Harris
Gina Jollif
Peter Russell

The first few rounds were well contested with everyone getting off the score sheet. Kicked myself for not getting the name of the dog in Punch and Judy (Toby)....I even paused the player to have a proper think but it just would not come! The hurling question was one of the few I managed that the Brain's didn't but I found this generally a tough episode. The animal known as the War Horse in the novel/film being Joey probably the best new fact I learned (although I feel I should have known this!).

Barry Manilow then graced us ("I Write The Songs" being wrote by Bruce Johnston as the basis of the question) with turned into a tough ask that no one picked up on. No-one was really taking command in this heat so it remained wide open. 3,3,4,4 were the scores. It remained close up until the half time interval.

The first two rounds of the second half have often decided the game in this series but still no-one was able to take command in this heat. The Portland Club is haunting me and it cropped up again! Known my luck when I am actually asked this fact I have seen 4-5 times in this week I will forget! 6-7-7-8 was now the score with the final round approaching.

Phil Beckett started the crucial round off with a point but a spelling questions stumped all. John Harris missed his chance to add to his score and Gina Jollif followed suit. Phil Beckett got what could prove a bonus here. Peter Russell began to stake his claim for the win starting well with a correct answer on Irene Thomas but as was the story of the match he could not put a run together.

And that meant...........
A three way tie!

A question on the buzzer and they gave a chestnut regarding Amy Johnson the London Airport she took off from. John Harris took it and advances to the semi final. A very tight and entertaining episode. By some distance the lowest winning score of the series but I am sure John will do well in the Semi-Final!

Final results -

John Harris - 8 (Tiebreak win)

Phil Beckett - 8
Peter Russell - 8
Gina Jollif - 7

Final Standings....

Heat Winners

David Stainer - 26
Jill Goodwin  - 24
Rufus Stilgoe - 19
Barry Simmons - 17
Clive Dunning - 17
Paul Jordan - 16
George Sheldrick - 16
Scott Dawson - 15
Anthony Fish - 14
David Buckle - 14
Rob Cruise - 11
John Harris - 8

Jenny Dunn - 17 (2nd)
Darren Martin - 14 (2nd)
John Colemans - 13 (2nd)
Rod Riesco - 12 (2nd)
Paddy Hayes - 11 (2nd)
Ramadas Mullath - 11 (2nd)
Carol Atkinson -10 (2nd)
Gordon Taylor - 10 (2nd)
David Love - 9 (2nd)
Allison Jacobs - 9 (2nd)
Phil Beckett - 8 (Tied 2nd)
Peter Russell - 8(Tied 2nd)
George Duda - 5 (Tied 2nd)
Oliver Levy - 5 (Tied 2nd)
Gareth Parkin - 10
Steve O'Gorman - 9
John Newth - 9
Sarah Greenan - 8
Gina Jollif - 7
Bel Freedman - 7
Philip Issac - 7
Andrew Ward - 7
Dave Tilley - 7
Brian Rolls - 7
John Snedden - 7
Simon Mason  - 6
Chris Gould - 6
Douglas Dickie - 5
Bob Delciaro - 4
Jonathan Perry  - 4
David Hankin - 3
Richard Moss - 3
Julian Alrdige - 3
Dhruv Sharma - 2
Clare Green - 0

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