Sunday, 17 February 2013

Brain of Britain Semi Final Preview

Brain of Britain Semi Final Preview

The first Brain of Britain Semi Final airs tomorrow and already it is shaping up to be a cracking series. This weeks episodes was one of the closet I can ever remember in my years following the series so hopefully the Semi Finals will stir up a treat.

In among  the winners there are many top quizzers indeed. David Stainer, Only Connect Champion of Champions among many other accolades, leads the way with Eggheads own Barry Simmons in the mix. Some great performances elsewhere mean its very tough to call.

Heat Winners

David Stainer - 26
Jill Goodwin  - 24
Rufus Stilgoe - 19
Barry Simmons - 17
Clive Dunning - 17
Paul Jordan - 16
George Sheldrick - 16
Scott Dawson - 15
Anthony Fish - 14
David Buckle - 14
Rob Cruise - 11
John Harris - 8

By my calculations the following 4 contestants will be those re-appearing as the highest scoring runners up. Indeed only three players have scored higher than Jeremy Dunn and with 14,13 and 12 none of the others can be discounted.

Jenny Dunn - 17 (2nd)
Darren Martin - 14 (2nd)
John Colemans - 13 (2nd)
Rod Riesco - 12 (2nd)

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