Monday, 4 February 2013

Eggheads Audition

My first TV audition of the year took place today when myself and a team from a local quiz I attend headed to Newcastle for an Audition for Eggheads. This is the first time I have tried for the show as to be perfectly honest its been the first time I have 4 other people wanting to do it!

The audition process, for anyone interested or anyone who is googling to find out what its like for an upcoming audition, is very simple and enjoyable. There were five teams all sat round in a room and the first part of the day started with a simple sheet of around 10 questions which you are given 5 minutes to do. 6 Multiple choice and 4 without choices if I remember correctly. I did not find out my score on this but I think I managed all but one.

Then the researchers take the role of Jeremy Vine and each member of the team faces a question on a subject. Correct and you make it though to the final, wrong and you're out. Obviously this is where my practising at talking "around the answers" came in. There were a few teams who gave their answers straight away without any explaining, even when prompted, so I think we did well to stand out by actually describing the thought process. A very enjoyable quizzing session!

Following this we had to wait as each team has an individual meeting with the researchers, one on one for some legal issues and another simply to ask questions to you as a team to put you on the spot. Not general knowledge questions..."what if...." questions.

All in all it was a very enjoyable process, probably more to do with the fact its a team based audition. Filming starts in Glasgow on the 25th February so I am hoping for a call soon to let me know if we have made it. I feel this one went much better than the Mastermind audition I failed last year but you can never tell.

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  1. 8 or 9 years ago when we had our audition they let us know by letter within a week or two, Dan. Fingers crossed for you.