Friday, 22 February 2013

Mastermind 2013 - Semi Final 1


Mastermind 2013 - Semi Final 1

Tonight saw the first semi final in Mastermind 2013 take place. The contenders were - 

Matthew Bradshaw 
Michael Wright
Aidan Mcquade  
Kathryn Palmer
Mark Grant

Matthew Bradshaw had qualified for the final with 26 and took up Rising Damp this time time around. Scoring 9 points.

Michael Wright had scored 29 first time round and took on American Military Aircraft of the Second World War. I had found this a very interesting subject when trying it for the Wiki challenge but it was of very little use. Michael shot through the first half of the set, a mid-point pass did not halt the flow, and seemed happy with a score of 10. 

Aidan Mcquade won his heat with 24 and Dennis Lehane novels were his chosen subject this time around. Very few pauses, quick answering, no passes and a great 11 points. 

Kathryn Palmer was one of the few people in the heats to break 30 with her score of 31 and anything close to that would certainly give her a chance in the Semi Final. This time round she faced questions on St. Johns Wood Clique, scored 10 and kept things ever so close.

Mark Grant is one of the top ranked quizzers in the country and had won his heat with 28. Dietrich and Stromberg films was the subject and Mark scored 10.

A fantastically close round to set up the GK nicely!

Standings after SS round - 

Aidan Mccquade  - 11
Michael Wright - 10
Kathryn Palmer - 10
Mark Grant - 10
Matthew Bradshaw - 9

Into the GK round and Matthew Bradshaw had the task of setting the first target. A slow start was compensated by a mid-round spree of racking up points but this slowed down at 16. A great effort but unlikely to be enough in the Semi Final.

Michael Wright now had his chance to set the bar even higher. Of course this very much only my opinion, but I felt Michael had a tougher set but dealt with it strongly with quick answers and very few mistakes. A slow down towards the end of the round again though perhaps meant the target posted was not quite enough. 19 scored in total.

Kathryn Palmer next and at least 9 was needed from her round to give her a chance of making the final. The round started well but a few early toughies stopped the scoring kicking in. Again, purely my opinion but I think this was the hardest set of the night at this point. Indeed it was the 9 she needed and tied with Michael.

Mark Grant next. An experienced quizzer who I thought was one of the top contenders for the title this series perhaps did not get off to the start he wanted but soon settled into the round and heading towards the 19 he needed. It was achieved and it was now a matter of setting the target score for the Aidan but again Mark stalled on 19 to make it a three way tie.

Aidan Mccquade came to the chair knowing 9 would take him to the Mastermind final. A 4-way tie was very much a possibility? Aidan got off to a good start and by the time he spent a few seconds summoning Spandau Ballet it looked likely it would take the win. Part of me wanted to see a four way tie but Aidan soon reached the 20 he needed, adding one more for luck and making it to the final.

Final Standings - 

Aidan Mccquade  - 21
Michael Wright - 19
Kathryn Palmer - 19
Mark Grant - 19
Matthew Bradshaw - 16

So congratulations to Aidan Mccquade who takes his place in the Mastermind final! Best of luck!

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  1. Since I don't know that much about the history of Mastermind, would you say that this was one of the biggest upsets of all time?