Sunday, 3 February 2013

E-Book issues

I posted a few days ago about the release of my new book and thankfully it was brought to my attention yesterday over a problem that seems to have occurred  I did say it was a trial run for me to get the book on the store and see how it works and there appears to be one or two formatting and setting issues.

To cut a long story short after realising I had uploaded the first draft of the book, I tried to take it down and upload the final one with all errors fixed but it did not work and as of yesterday the book on the store is  It was mainly a few wording and spellcheck changes that had caused the problems.

Anyway, if you have the old version of the book and want the new one I can sort that out easily for you. My email address if so email me and I will arrange it. The easy way to tell if you have the old version is on the first pace in the question relating to Adam Adamant, if you see the word "san" in the question you have the old version.

Anyone still wanting to download it, perhaps delay it until tomorrow when the finalised version I am assured by Amazon will be on the store.

The link will stll be HERE

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