Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Revision Set

Due in part to having a week and also due to revising some of the months events from my notes for the upcoming GP this weekend, I thought I would put together a set of questions looking back the February.

So here are a set of quick questions covering the month.

Answers in the comment box -

1. Sony announced this month that is was producing the last stereo based around which audio format?

2. Name the track and the band who topped a BBC 6 Music Poll this month to discover the "best track of the last 10 years"?

3. Born in 1924, who died this month having served three terms as major of New York?

4. Which comedian announced he is to give a 25-hour stand up show in aid of Comic Relief?

5. Which South African Cricketer played in his 100th test as captain?

6. What is the name of the Netflix exclusive 'TV' series starring Kevin Spacey? (Which by the way is well worth watching!)

7. Which nation won the Men's Handball World Championship?

8. Name the inventor of Etch a Sketch who died this month?

9. What was the name of the Rhythm band who were abducted and murdered in Mexico this month?

10. Who won the much-criticised ITV Saturday Night show "Splash"?

11. A "Tatler" poll voted which female the most fascinating person in Britain?

12.Which Snooker Player won the German Masters tournament this month?

13. Which female English cricketer became the leading women's 1-day run scorer this month?

14. In football, which nation won the African Nations Cup this month and who scored the winning goal?

15. Name the famous streaker who has decided to quit streaking at famous sports events this month?

16. Radio 2 held a day-long celebration of which famous 1960's album in which they gathered musical stars to recreate the recording session that produced the album?

17. Which director was given the Bafta Fellowship?

18. England achieved their highest ever 20/20 score this month. against whom and for a bonus what was the score?

19. Name the horse that was victorious in the Bet Fair Hurdle this month?

20. Which British Band won a Grammy for their album 'Babel'?

21. Who was the only female in the Top 10 of "most-borrowed" authors from British Libraries?

22. Barrack Obama's long serving speech writer retired this month. Name him.

23. What replaced the Iron as the newest playing piece in the board game Monopoly?

24. Which former pop-star and Eastenders actress filed for Bankruptcy this month?

25. Who was fined for assaulting a police officer with a sunflower?

26. Which Snooker player won the Welsh Open this month?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Mini disc
    2. Clocks - Coldplay
    3. Ed Koch
    4. Mark Watson
    5. Graeme Smith
    6. House of Cards
    7. Spain
    8. Andre Cassagnes
    9. Kombo Kolombia
    10. Eddie the Eagle
    11. Claire Balding
    12. Ali Carter
    13. Charlotte Edwards
    14. Nigeria – Mba
    15. Mike Roberts
    16. Please Please Me
    17. Alan Parker
    18. New Zealand – 214-7
    19. My Tent or Yours
    20. Mumford and Sons
    21. Danielle Steel
    22. Jon Favereau
    23. Cat
    24. Martine Mccutcheon
    25. Paula Hamilton
    26. Maguire