Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Brain of Britain 2013 - Round 1 Match 3

Brain of Britain 2013 - Round 1 - Match 3

I have taken to listening to Brain of Britain using iplayer now on a Monday Evening as work prevents me from being able to listen to it when it goes out live. Anyway, this weeks contestants were - 

Rob Cruise
Chris Gould
Sarah Greenan
Allison Jacobs

It was a very close heat this week with topsy turvy scores throughout. Everyone at one point was in with a whisker of taking the lead. Rob Cruise looked steady throughout though and was tending to give more consistent answers which allowed him to keep his nose in front. Despite some wild guesses (perhaps the question not being heard properly) this was a very good heat and very entertaining indeed.

The final scores were -

Rob Cruise - 11
Allison Jacobs - 9
Sarah Greenan - 8
Chris Gould - 6

Heat Winners
Rufus Stilgoe - 19
Anthony Fish - 14
Rob Cruise - 11

Jenny Dunn - 17 (2nd)
Carol Atkinson -10 (2nd)
Allison Jacobs - 9 (2nd)

Sarah Greenan - 8
Philip Issac - 7
Chris Gould - 6
Douglas Dickie - 5
David Hankin - 3
Dhruv Sharma - 2


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  2. Hi Daniel! Sorry to be a pedant but it's "Sarah Greenan". Russell Davies kept getting it wrong as well.

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Sorry about that, I actually thought at one or two points he said "Greening"

    How was the experience?

  4. I have never been involved in anything like this before, so it was a very interesting experience. The need for speed in buzzing for bonuses took me by surprise: because the quiz uses a silent buzzer (lights rather than sounds) it is not apparent to the listener how important this is. I thought we had a reasonably tricky set of questions - no one managed five in a row. Naturally I was disappointed not to do slightly better, but it wasn't until I actually heard the broadcast that I realised how close a contest it had been. BoB has always been my absolute favourite quiz - I remember listening to it at lunchtime during the school holidays and that was quite a long time ago - and I am very glad that I had a go at it.