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Mastermind 2012/2013 - Heat 16

Mastermind 2012/2013 - Heat 16

After an ever so tight contest last week and the Mastermind Contest getting deeper and deeper into the first round of heats it was one with the 16th of 24 heats this year and another very entertaining show.

Contenders on tonight's Mastermind were...

Brig Rooke
Sam Goodyear
Henry Morris
Andrew Frazer

Brig Rooke started us off with a go at William Golding Novels and made a very confident start to proceedings. My little bit of Wiki revision here did very little to help me but Brig clearly had a great knowledge here and set the ball rolling with a very good 10. Sam Goodyear was next on the Soviet Union under Stalin and having Sam on Facebook I know he is a keen quizzer and this was a subject I was interested in. A very wide one indeed and even though I studied it well at Uni and felt I had retained a lot I struggled with some of these questions but Sam stormed his way through to a score of 8. Some very long questions here!

Henry Morris on the KLF next and this was one example of where the Wiki Challenge worked. Before reading the Wiki page I would have maybe got one or two here but managed half a dozen. Henry Morris was answering fast, correctly and scored 13 taking him into the lead. Last in the chair was Andrew Frazer. Andrew was actually at the Rolleston quiz on Saturday (coming an impressive 21st) but I did not get the chance to meet him. He took on When the Boat Comes In and had a superb round with 16 points! Going to be hard to beat!

After the SS round the scores on tonights Mastermind were -

Andrew Frazer -16
Henry Morris - 13
Brig Rooke - 10
Sam Goodyear - 8

Sam needed a good round as he stepped out of for the first GK round of the night. After an early stumble Sam stormed into a great round with the ticker going over strong but a pass-string held things up a tad. The answers soon returned and Sam scored a very respectable 22 (indeed it would have won a couple of heats this year).

Brig Rooke also needed a cracking round to put pressure on the others. A stuttering start held the score down for a while and coupled with some tricky questions (including several answers that were just nearly right) Brig managed to reach 16.

Henry Morris has two tasks as he strode to the chair. Firstly surpass Sam Goodyear's 22 and secondly set a target for Andrew. Things did not get off to the best of starts and Henry finished on 19.

Andrew Frazer needed only 6 to win the contest which he was always going to get being a high ranking UK quizzer. After 6 questions he had the total he needed. I have heard some people say that the pressure lifts as soon as you know you have that winning total and allows you to flow to a better score. Whether this was the case for Andrew or not I have no idea but either way he powered to a fantastic score of 36 which meant not only was this the highest score of the series but also Andrew only had one question wrong all night! Superb and a serious contender for the title this year has emerged!

That put the final scores tonight as -

Andrew Frazer -35
Sam Goodyear - 22
Henry Morris - 19
Brig Rooke - 16

And putting that into the context of Mastermind as a whole this season we see....

Andrew Frazer -35
Rachael Neiman - 33
Gregory Spiller - 32
Kathryn Palmer - 31
Christine Plume - 29

Jonathan Gordon - 29
Michael Wright - 29

Sean Howley -29
Mark Grant - 28
Sian West - 26
Shahab Mossavat - 26
Matthew Bradshaw -26

Alcuin Edwards - 25
Aidan Mccquade - 24

John Chadwick - 23
Mark Roberts - 20

Highest Scoring Runners Up
Chris Cann – 29
John Wheeler – 29
Helen Marshall - 28
Paul Whittaker - 27
Chris Quinn - 27
Peter Wharmby - 27

Nathan Joss – 26 
lan Sharp - 26
Mike Foden - 26
Bart Smith - 25
Andrew Hunt - 25
Nina Fetherston - 25

Philip Walters - 25
Julie Green - 25
Mark Kirby - 24

David Gow - 24
Andrew Granath - 24
Alan Wharmby - 24
Rosalind Winter - 24
Laurie Handcock – 24
Kevin Baker - 24 
Paul Sharp - 24
Thomas Grinyer - 23
Colin Wilson - 23
Roland Mcfall – 23
Hazel Humprheys - 22
Sam Goodyear - 22
Chris Kirk - 22

Les Wallace - 22
Graeme Marley -22
 Ian Copping - 22
Alan Haddick - 21 
Charlie Tinsley - 21
Aileen Lucas - 20
James Jack -20
Kathy Richards - 19
Brian O Donnell - 19
Henry Morris - 19
Nick Mazonowicz - 19
Sarah Le Fevre - 19
Jackie Phillips - 19
Mathhew Clarke - 18
Nathan Scott – 18

Xavier Woodward - 18
Nick Gunatilleke - 17
Charlotte Mason - 17

Brig Rooke - 16
Barbara Bell - 15

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  1. I'm sure that Brig Rooke was on Eggheads a few weeks ago, I recognised her... and Brig is an unusual name.