Monday, 31 December 2012

News Years Quizzing Resolutions

Well on the eve of another year it is time to make some quizzing resolutions for 2013 -

- Continuing to attend national events, mainly BQA's GP's is the main one. Mixed with attending though I want to continue to improve my scores and raise my standings. I am putting a lot of work into key areas that are dragging my total down (Sport and Entertainment will always be something I can have a fair stab at) but in other areas I need to get more of the "easy" points I am missing. This should start straight away with the Coventry GP on the 5th January.

- Continue with Quiz League. Goes without saying really. I am enjoying the league so much since joining its daft to include it even as a resolution as I know I will be there every Wednesday eager to play.

- Get on TV! This year I am determined.......Applications have already been made so fingers crossed.

- Improve weak areas. Science, Animals and a lot of pre-70's entertainment is pulling me down a lot in every type of quizzing I am doing so again its a need to look at these areas to avoid easy points going missing.

- Keep the blog going. I am still enjoying writing on here and the only major change I am making in the new year is to add more quiz questions. I actually write a load of questions in my revision so I aim to share as many on here as possible.

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  1. Sensible resolutions which I'm sure you'll manage to keep.

    Happy New Year , Dan.