Thursday, 6 December 2012

Quiz League Week 3 - Tough

Snow had hit the region hard yesterday which probably played a role in a lower than usual turnout at our Sunderland Echo Quiz League Match last night but we still had a 4v4 match, taking on Hastings Hill (lead by Chris Brewis who you may have seen, and indeed will see on Monday, on Only Connect as part of the Wordsmiths this series).

I was warned before hand that this weeks setters tend to make really tough quizzes and that turned out to be very true! I did enjoy the evening, we won 21-20 and I was able to contribute about 6-7 points mainly due to Sports questions (watching the abysmal Flintoff fight did have some use after all!) and I got to know my team mates a little more. But the nature of the questions, which were a) tough to guess and b) hard to work out an answer if you have no idea, as well as the general fact that they were very very tough indeed meant the scoring was low. I dont mind a hard quiz but if its going to be hard I think you need to give the players a chance to work out answers using knowledge they had. There were some great questions in there though and I certainly learned a lot which is one upside!

The Sunderland Echo Quiz League Match  breaks until after Xmas now. after 3 matches, and a week of setting, I am very much enjoying taking part in a league environment and would encourage anyone interested in quizzing to seek out a local league. Good quizzing and good company!

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