Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My 2012 in Quizzing

Well another year is coming to end and I am always, like others, in a very reflective mood. 2012 has been a very kind year to me and as I look at what has passed my quizzing has come a long way as well.

The main satisfaction I have gained this year is finally getting myself out there and going beyond the normal "pub quiz". Don't get me wrong I am still and always will regularly attending pub quizzes up and down the region and enjoying it as much as ever but my main quizzing enjoyment this year has come from outside this sphere.

After much faffing around on my behalf I finally attended a couple of national quizzing events. The first organised by the IQA was the World Championships in 2012 in June. I went to the venue in Edinburgh and had a really enjoyable day, the first taste I had of a "serious" quiz event and it gave me a taste for more. I set myself the ambition of working hard to raise my knowledge in certain areas and start attending events in 2013 but the chance of a lift came up to Rolleston, Burton for the BQA's monthly GP event at the start of December. Another great outing, met some wonderful people and it has given me a taste for more quizzing. Hopefully in 2013 I will attend many more events.

Both events improved my quizzing no end and the score I got in Rolleston was my highest yet in such a paper (I know as I usually buy the questions after the event and test myself) and if I can keep on improving I have something to aim at. But above all else I have met some wonderful people and everyone I have met has been full of great advice.

I also found myself attending the Brunton Shield Event in Edinburgh which involved teams from the North East competing against Scottish teams. After struggling through the initial questions I had perhaps my finest quizzing moments of the year in the final when a string of questions, suited perfectly to my knowledge, swung my way and I was able to rattle of some key answers and win the event.

My involvement in that event came as a result of my involvement in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League. After a taster match in the middle of the year I was found and a team and thus far have competed in three matches, all of which I have enjoyed and even the week when we were setting I found myself having great fun. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I am very much looking forward to continuing the season in the new year and for the foreseeable future.

The only downside this year has been my failure to get onto a TV quiz. I did make a brief appearance on a radio-phone in quiz, but in terms of something I genuinely would love to be on it hasn't happened. Mastermind audition failed. I know I am not quite ready for the show yet and need a lot of work but playing from home scores of 10 plus in the GK round regularly have given me some encouragement that if I went on I at least would not embarrass myself. Another application is pending...

Overall 2012 has been a great year for me quizzing wise, my knowledge and experience has grown, I have had many several enjoyable days and evenings quizzing and above all else I have met some wonderful people!

I hope 2013 brings us all some good luck!

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