Friday, 14 December 2012

Mastermind 2012/2013 -Heat 17

Mastermind 2012/2013 - Heat 17

After last weeks table-topping victory from Andrew Frazer tonight's Contenders had a lot to live up to.
I had a little inside information on tonight's show and knew it was going to be a  corker.

Tonights Contenders -

Jeff Lloyd
Kirsa Lommerud Olsen
Roger Canwell

First into the chair, and taking on a very interesting subject, was Jeff Llloyd. British Number 1 singles 1963-2000's was his task. This was quite a straight forward set and contained many "old chestnuts" and it was a very accessible set indeed. I do honestly feel a lot of these questions could, and have, been in pub quizzes around the country and it is not that often you can that about a Mastermind SS round. That is of course with no disrespect intended.  I was over the moon with my non-wikied 8 which is my highest of the series easily. Jeff score a solid 11.

Kirsa Lommerud Olsen tackled Alan Bennet's talking heads. I had not tried this on Wiki and without any real knowledge of it could not really judge how difficult this round was. Kirsa stormed to a great total of 14 showing very confident and speedy answers. Gave herself every chance.

Roger Canwell took on Ketts 1549 Rebellion which I pretty sure was a subject not so long ago (maybe 2007-2008). Either way being a very small subject this seemed very straight forward for Roger who scored a very impressive 15 to take the lead.

I met Colin Daffern a couple of weeks ago at the Rolleston GP and quizzed with him in the team event. A very knowledgeable and friendly quizzer indeed and taking on the subject of Michael Foot. He seemed to get some quite long questions thrown in the mix and I haven't worked it out but I imagine he was asked the least questions of all. This did not stop him storming through to a score of 13.

This was going to be tight!

Standings after SS round -

Roger Canwell - 15
Kirsa Lommerud Olsen - 14
Colin Daffern - 13
Jeff Lloyd - 11

Jeff Lloyd kicked us off and with 4 points to make up needed a good round to put pressure on the others. At this point 27 is still the aim for a runner up slot. Jeff made a cracking start with plenty of "gimmies" thrown in (Still stand by my view the person coming to the chair first gets at least 4 more "gimmies" than others). Either way Jeff began to build a solid total and indeed his score of 24 would have won many other heats and set a good total for the others to reach.

Colin Daffern was next. I gathered from talking to him in Rolleston that he is a regular on the UK quizzing scene and he certainly showed great knowledge in his round. The points kept ticking over and once in his stride there was no stopping Colin. Starting on 13 he finished up on 32 giving him a fantastic GK score of 19. One of the best rounds of the series so far and leaving him with a great chance of making it through. This score would have won all but two heats so far!

Kirsa Lommerud Olsen was back and her first round score of 14 meant she needed 19 herself to take the lead. The round started well but a pass streak in the middle of the round slowed down the score building but again her score of 25 was very good indeed and would have some heats this year.

So Roger Canwell had it all to do and started in the right way. After a string of shows in which no one breached 30 we have had a run lately of high scores. Roger was left with 32 as the buzzer went...a stamp question.....a correct answer...33. A great score indeed which gave him the win. Dramatic end indeed.

So congratulations to Roger Canwell who qualifies for the next round with the joint highest score of the series so far and Colin Daffern should also qualify after he became the highest scoring runner up by some distance.

Final Standings after GK round - 

Roger Canwell - 33
Colin Daffern - 32
Kirsa Lommerud Olsen - 25
Jeff Lloyd - 24

Andrew Frazer -35
Roger Canwell - 33
Rachael Neiman - 33
Gregory Spiller - 32
Kathryn Palmer - 31
Christine Plume - 29

Jonathan Gordon - 29
Michael Wright - 29

Sean Howley -29
Mark Grant - 28
Sian West - 26
Shahab Mossavat - 26
Matthew Bradshaw -26

Alcuin Edwards - 25
Aidan Mccquade - 24

John Chadwick - 23
Mark Roberts - 20

Highest Scoring Runners Up
Colin Daffern - 32
Chris Cann – 29
John Wheeler – 29
Helen Marshall - 28
Paul Whittaker - 27
Chris Quinn - 27
Peter Wharmby - 27

Nathan Joss – 26 
lan Sharp - 26
Mike Foden - 26
Bart Smith - 25
Andrew Hunt - 25
Nina Fetherston - 25

Philip Walters - 25
Julie Green - 25
Kirsa Lommerud Olsen - 25
Jeff Lloyd - 24
Mark Kirby - 24

David Gow - 24
Andrew Granath - 24
Alan Wharmby - 24
Rosalind Winter - 24
Laurie Handcock – 24
Kevin Baker - 24 
Paul Sharp - 24
Thomas Grinyer - 23
Colin Wilson - 23
Roland Mcfall – 23
Hazel Humprheys - 22
Sam Goodyear - 22
Chris Kirk - 22

Les Wallace - 22
Graeme Marley -22
 Ian Copping - 22
Alan Haddick - 21 
Charlie Tinsley - 21
Aileen Lucas - 20
James Jack -20
Kathy Richards - 19
Brian O Donnell - 19
Henry Morris - 19
Nick Mazonowicz - 19
Sarah Le Fevre - 19
Jackie Phillips - 19
Mathhew Clarke - 18
Nathan Scott – 18

Xavier Woodward - 18
Nick Gunatilleke - 17
Charlotte Mason - 17
Brig Rooke - 16
Barbara Bell - 15


  1. I have complained to the BBC as, on timing the replay, Colin's questions were 13 seconds longer than Roger's, therefore he could have been asked more questions in the 2 minutes. I thought they were all meant to be timed, but there was a clear discrepancy here. Anyway, he is through, so it doesn't make much difference, but I thought it very unfair - not what we expect of the Beeb!

  2. Daniel, I am the above Jeff Lloyd.
    Before I am accused of any sort of sour grapes there is no way I could have beaten Colin or Roger!
    I was delighted to have been in what was (without checking) surely one of the highest 4 player totals in MM history! The subject of question timing and question length is a thorny one. I was asked 14 questions, had no passes and only one real 'hesitation'. Roger had 18 questions...My own view of this is that JH has an acknowledged (and poorly concealed!) disdain for populist subjects and I think he is more comfortable reading academic questions. In addition I think that if you are first in the chair you can't expect him to be 'warmed up' in terms of reading (maybe corroborating your 'first up gimmies' theory?).
    I also think I was a bit unlucky with Morati/Morali - If Surrey Place instead of Surrey house can be right when is wrong 'wrong'?!
    And no offence taken - some of those questions were pub quiz regulars!
    It was a great show and two worthy progressors.

  3. Thanks for the reply Jeff and I am sure this was indeed one of the highest 4-player total scoring heats in recent MM history