Saturday, 15 December 2012

Only Connect Final Preview

The Draughstmen vs The Scribes

It has been a superb series of Only Connect so far and has flown by! It doesn't seem like five minutes since the series was just beginning back in August but already we have reached the final stage and it should be a cracking game!

The Scribes (Dom Tait, Holly Pattenden, Gareth Price) eased their way into the semi final wins with 31-13 and 27-7 victories and defeated the Wordsmiths 25-14 in the semi final. All very strong scores against very good teams and throughout the series they have shown a huge range of knowledge which will make them hard to beat. With a strong buzzer round to finish off they will be in this until the very end.

The Draughstmen are made up of Andy Tucker, Stephen Dodding and Iwan Thomas, all notable quizzers in their own right. They appeared in the very first episode of this series with a tense tiebreaker win over the Joinees in arguably the best match of the series this year. A 28-14 victory over the Numerists set them up for a Semi Final Showdown with the Footballers who they defeated 19-18. Don't let the two narrow wins fool you though as there have been some very strong teams this year and getting to the final is a tough asks I imagine.

Too close to call for prediction but with record viewing figures, another series commissioned and some highly entertaining TV quizzing, don't miss Only Connect, Monday 8.30pm BBC 4! 

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