Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Quizzing Hopes

Last year seemed to just come and go, and all my best laid plans fell by the wayside. The one significant addition to my quizzing was the launch of my quiz hosting career in which I was able to launch 3 quizzes in Sunderland and maintain them throughout the year.

I never expected to turn into a quiz host, primarily because I love playing so much, but the weekly tasks of putting together a quiz, seeing how it goes down and doing it all again the next week has proved to be an enjoyable one. Although I have always set quiz questions for apps, books and online games etc, the pub quiz dynamic is every very different and I forsee I will be doing this for some time.

So what of 2019?

 - Well 2019 will actually start with the airing of a TV show I recorded in 2018! Way back 11 months ago I went up to Glasgow to record Fifteen to One Series 10. I will keep you posted on how I do and give a full recap of the experience in due course. I will again try for Mastermind, which is the last of the major shows on my bucket list, but I am not holding out much hope after 3 failed auditions.

 - In terms of the blog, I hope to start posting up my weekly quizzes I am running in pubs in Sunderland, in addition to the launch of a podcast and the next quiz book in the collection. I had great feedback about the first few books so intend to put something together in the first few months of the year.

 - Quiz hosting wise I hope my main quizzes go from strength to strength and if I can add a Monday night quiz to the week even better.

 - I am for now still playing in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League, but more than likely will, be stepping down either before, or after this current season. (Story for another day!)

 - I do hope to get back to the GP quizzing circuit and have been putting in work tailored to that. I have fallen so far behind since the heady days of Top 30 finishes, but hopefully making the effort to go will rekindle my ambition to get back into the Top 50 at least (things have moved on fast!)

- Quiz in the North....a must after missing the last one! Ill post up information as and when these events are advertised.

In all, I just want to keep enjoying quizzing and seeing where it takes me in 2019! I wish you all the best for your own 2019

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