Tuesday, 15 January 2019

This weeks Jackpot questions

As promised, on the blog this year I am planning on uploading a wide variety of the content from the pub quizzes I am running.

Every quiz I do, I run the jackpot in the same format. All players pay £1 to take part which buys them a guess. I then ask a knowledge based question where the answer is a %, a year or a number. Closest player comes up to the mic, choses a category and then if they get the question they win whatever the jackpot happens to be. If not the majority rolls over and we play for side prizes of around 10% of the jackpot.

Here were this weeks questions...how would you have done?

Jackpot Round

Online Retailers

In the name of the online fashion retailer ASOS, what do the initials ASOS stand for?

20th Century Sitcoms

What 20th century British sitcom followed the lives of the Parkinson family?

Us Geography

The Mississippi River enters the sea as it passes out of which US State?


The home stadium of Accrington Stanley shares a name with which famous pop band of the past?



Australian Geography

What is the most populated city in Australia that is NOT a state capital?



  1. Well I would have picked 20th Century Sitcoms and would have been wrong. Forever forget the family name in Outnumbered!

    Would have got the two geography ones....I Think

  2. Football

    Ive been there so would certainly have got that. What was the qualifier question?

  3. Hi Andrew and Lauren!

    The qualifier question was regarding the distance of the flight launched in 2018 between London and Perth

  4. Answers you should have given...

    1. As Seen on Site
    2. Butterflies
    3. Louisianna
    4. Whame
    5. Gold Coast

    1. Good stuff.....4 out of 5! One slightly wrong!

    2. Nothing is wrong on there? I assume this for cash....I would have disputed of those if you would have called me wrong

  5. ASOS is the one you are dropping

  6. ASOS is As Seen on Screen....Had it been a normal round maybe 1/2 a point but with it being a Jackpot round for all the money in front of the whole room you would need to be 100% correct

  7. Funny this ASOS one came up last night at the Quiz I got to in Torquay! Worth 4 points as well...so thanks!

  8. I see....my mistake. No win for me!

    Do keep posting these though

  9. Yrs I will. If it gets won I don't ask all 5 so there may only be a few questions per week but let us see! Hoping to upload the full quiz in the coming weeks

  10. Would have got Butterflies but little else!