Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Board Game Review: Who Dares Wins?

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Who Dares Wins?

I almost forgot that part of my Boxing Day was spent playing the board game based on the TV show "Who Dares Win?". Thanks to Lauren on the comments board for the prompt!
If you have seen Who Dares Wins? before you will know that it involves listing items from specific list and the board game sticks closely to the TV format with bids and challenges etc. The only major differences are a) there are bonus cards to give you a second chance or indeed make the other team play another guess etc b) every list has only 10 answers and c) there is a board to travel around to win.
The game is very very fun and ideally needs 2-3 teams to make it totally worthwhile. 1 v 1 would work fine, but the team work element makes the game even more enjoyable. Like the show, the lists are either definite with only 10 possible answers of may be the dreaded "According to a survey/poll/magazine ranking....". I would say though that the latter only make up 10% or so of questions.

All in all, one of the very few board games that are actually better than the TV show itself! 

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