Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Q Live

Last year marked the launch of a whole host of "Live Trivia" apps in which players, sitting at home on their mobile phones, competing against thousands of others to win cash! HQ came and went with some very large jackpots (may still be available in the USA) and Cash Sow tried something different, paid out a lot of money and then vanished!

In the last few months of the year Q-Live came on the scene with heavy backing, lots of prizes and trying to succeed where others have failed.

The app is very reliable and well worth a look. Its a tad tougher than the previous apps and this is shown by the fact that there seems to be less winners than on other apps but with prizes available up to £10,000....its certainly worth a look!
If you do download it here are the links. Please use the code "danielfullard1" and we will both get a free life to help us win!


  1. Won £15 once :) Thanks for the code

  2. Havent played in a few weeks. Won £250 ish overall on Cash Show which sadly has now vanished